Monday, December 24, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Merry Christmas!!!

With the best wishes...

Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Tierra de Castilla wines: Dehesa de Luna 2009

Dehesa de Luna 2009




Grape varieties

38% Tempranillo and 18% Merlot from El Viñazo vineyard,
26% Syrah and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon from La Mata de la Culebra vineyard

Analytical data:

Alcohol 14,5 % Vol.
Total acidity 4.8 gr./l. tartaric acid
pH 3,8
Residual sugar < 1,5 gr./l.


6 months in 225 liter barrels
80% French oak and 20% American


52,600 bottles (750 ml.)
1,335 magnum format (1,500 ml. Bottles)


Vino de la Tierra de Castilla
Dehesa de Luna Estate

Winegrowing notes

The harvest began on September the 1st and finished on October the 14th. Summer was somewhat warmer than usual, which brought forward the harvesting dates, essentially for the Merlot and Syrah varieties. The arrival of rain and cool temperatures in September delayed the picking of the Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties. The vinification was carried out in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks at 22 to 28°C, with a maceration period of between 15 and 21 days, depending on the varieties and the winemaking objectives sought for each of them. The malolactic fermentation took place in tank for all four varieties, at the end of which the blending was done. The aging time in oak barrels was 6 months.

Tasting Note

The wine has a medium-deep, clean, cherry-red colour. Faithful to the style of this brand, it displays a wonderful nose that reveals a complete palette of fruit aromas, ranging from wild strawberries to dried peaches, together with notes of scrubland and red liquorice, against a backdrop of very clean and well integrated oak. First impression on the palate is fluid, although it gradually gains in stature, as the fresh berry fruit flavours develop into serious notes of good oak aging, followed by a long and complex finish.

Prizes and accolades

Mundus Vini Gold 2012. Germany.
AWC Vienna Gold 2012. Austria.
Vinalies Paris Silver 2012. France.
International Weinprämierung Zurich Silver 2012. Switzerland.

Cellar Info:

Ctra. CM-3106, Km 16. 02630
La Roda - Albacete 

Phone: +34 967548508
Fax: +34 967548022
Thursday, November 29, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Shiraz Wines (I): Hoya de Cadenas Shiraz

Hoya de Cadenas Shiraz

Wine type 
aged red wine

Grape Varieties
100%  Shiraz  
The vineyard, located on the slopes of the Sierra de la Bicuerca, enjoys a particular micro-climate where the day-night heat variations give the grape its own character and promote the accumulation of the much-prized polyphenols.
Vinification is carried out in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 25ºC for two weeks. The maceration of the skins is subject to a meticulous control to extract the best expression of the varietal. Aged 8 months in French barrel medium toasted. 

Tasting Notes 
Wine temperature was about 16 ° C.
Glass for red wine Spiegelau Authentics 01.
Color and nuance:  Cherry red colour with garnet iridescences
Nose:  Nose in that arise aromas of wild fruits and violets and toasted notes.

Flavour of the Wine: On the palate it is warm, with smooth tannins and a spicy finish, and a balsamic aftertaste with blueberry hints

Overall impression : Special wine with personality. Fruit flavors and menthol are quite present
Presentation : Bottle of 75 cl. Burgundy type, classic label.

About the cellar:
Vicente Gandía Plá, S.A.
Ctra. Cheste a Godelleta s/nº
46370 Chiva, Valencia (Spain)

Telephone: +34 96 252 42 42
Fax: +34 96 252 42 43

Friday, November 16, 2012

PostHeaderIcon The wine, a real social network

Although trendy is the digital world and all that is now called "social networks", have been around for a lot of time, and almost since man discovered wine. Drink it and enjoy it in a group is the origin of the social network around this food. Sometimes drunk in moderation, sometimes as bacchanal, but made ​​people gather together around this drink for fun, out of business, love, celebrate an event, etc ...

We live in a society too globalized, but also very impersonal, sometimes you may find your neighbor and do not know, when you wear ten years living together in the same building. Interpersonal relationships often encounter obstacles that we put on ourselves, such as social status, socioeconomic level, distance, tastes and preferences when interacting, and countless of them we could enumerate.

The wine has served to strengthen many relationships like this for centuries, and the Greeks, Phoenicians and Romans considered it a drink to cleanse the soul and our worries and assured the healing the sadness (Séneca 4 - 65 BC. ), and later was used to celebrate victories in major battles or to sit at the table to warriors and peasants who drowned their sorrows after a day of long and hard work.

In this century, so modern and advanced, still use the wine to get together around a table and celebrate simple things like that one day we first met around a glass of wine and now occasionally we still celebrate seeing, we have become good friends and share a social life that never before could have had as much internet we have at our disposal.

It is important in this world to share experiences like this makes us better people, more tolerant, more open to meeting people from other cultures, our children become friends and between them seems to be known of all life, and if at some point given someone leaves the social network, quiet waiting list to join the group and continue to grow.
Wednesday, November 14, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Bobal Wines (VI): Monterruiz old vines 2011

Monterruiz old vines 2011

Wine type 
young red wine

Grape Varieties

50%  Bobal 
25% Monastrell 25% Cencibela


Selected varieties, vines over 80 years. Manual selection and fermentation in tanks of 3,000 liters.

Tasting Notes 
Wine temperature was about 13 ° C.
Glass for red wine Schott Zwisesel Pure Loop Cabernet.
Color and nuance: Cherry color, clean and bright, upper middle layer.
Nose:  Nose in that arise aromas of fruit red fresh such as currants and violets, black pepper notes and menthol flavors.

Flavour of the Wine: The palate is fresh and very intense, somewhat tannic and with a very strong minty aftertaste.

Overall impression :Powerful wine with personality. Fruit flavors and menthol are quite present
Presentation : Bottle of 75 cl. Bordeaux type, funny label.

About the cellar:

Monteagudo Ruíz S.L.
Plaza San Pedro, nº 17 y 18
Casas de Santa Cruz (CUENCA)

Telefono: 967 493 828
Fax: 967 493 828

Monday, November 12, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Bobal Wines (V): Arte Mayor IV

Arte Mayor IV

Wine type 
red wine aged in oak

Grape Varieties
100%  Bobal 

100% Bobal variety used. Vines of plot 'La Beata' in the subarea of 'La Muela' in the municipality of Requena, old strains ensured over 80 years. Production of less than 1.5 kg per vine. Blend of several vintages (2005-10%, 2006-60% and 2007 - 30%). Aged in French oak barrels of fine grain (70% new and 30% second use). Stay in bottle 12 months before marketing.

Tasting Notes 
Wine temperature was about 15 ° C. Glass for red wine Spiegelau Authentics 01.
Color and nuance:: Color intense cherry and plum, which remain dark shades violet edges of the glass, high layer due to its high concentration.

Nose:  High aromatic intensity, continuously evolves in the glass from the first service. Persistent red fruit and black ripe aromas, presence of aromas of wild berries jam, balsamic, a freshly plucked roots, stone aromas  and Mediterranean undergrowth, is quite complex and constantly evolving.

Flavour of the Wine: The palate is dense and balanced, with a large structure, has a very mature and sweet tannin, reappear balsamic aftertaste and good doses of crystallized fruit.

Overall impression :An elegant wine, sweet, ripe, high expression of a selection of fruit from old vines and worked perfectly, its long aging and blending of different vintages, makes a delicious nectar and assembled good.
Presentation : Double glass Bottle of 75 cl. Bordeaux type, artistic label.

About the cellar:
Dominio de la Vega S.L.
Ctra Madrid-Valencia pk 270,650  
46390 San Antonio (Valencia)
Phone: +34 96 232 05 70      
Thursday, November 8, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Alicante Wines (I): Finca Collado 2007


Wine type 
Red wine aged in oak

Grape Varieties

Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot

Inox. tanks of 50Hl and 20Hl. Adjusted soaking depending the grape-type. Soft vertical pressing.  Fermentation and soaking with their own skin diring 3 weeks. 14 months aged in French oak casks.
Tasting Notes   
Wine temperature was about 16 ° C. Glass for red wine Spiegelau Authentics 01.

Color and nuance:
Cherry red color and bright of high layer

The nose has aromas of toast, ripe black fruit and hints of dark chocolate.
Flavour of the
The wine is intense on the palate, passes easily and has a hint tannic something in the end. A long aftertaste.

Overall impression
: A recommended wine to accompany a meal of red meat, stews gazpacho manchego and consistent. Recommend decanting or opening the bottle at least one hour before consumption to meet their full potential.

Presentation : Bottle of 75 cl. Bordeaux type, artistic label.
About the cellar:
Finca Collado
Ctra. Salinas a Villena s/n
03638 Alicante (Spain) 

Friday, November 2, 2012

PostHeaderIcon 10 healthy reasons to drink wine daily

Wine is another piece in the food pyramid and a "food" of the Mediterranean diet, taking it in moderation and with the meals, is healthy for the organism.

Here are 10 reasons that encourage its moderate consumption:

1. Taking care of Heart: many studies have shown that regular and moderate consumption of red wine helps in better blood circulation and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

2. Delay of dementia: moderate consumption of red wine may help delay the onset of dementia and other forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer's. 

3. Helps bones: Swedish studies have found that drinking an average of 5-10 glasses of red wine per week can cut the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis by over 50% compared to non-wine drinkers. In addition, other studies have concluded that moderate consumption of red wine is associated with increased bone density in Seniors women, thereby reducing their risk of developing osteoporosis. 

 4. Helps keep colds and flu far: a Spanish study found that those who consumed 8 to 14 glasses of red wine a week were less likely to catch a cold.

5. Descends risk of diabetes: people who consume moderate amounts of wine are more likely to prevent type 2 diabetes.

6. It reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels:
Spanish researchers conclude that the grapes that are used for red wine contains significant levels of fiber. They found that the fiber and antioxidants found in the variety Tempranillo, in particular, seem to further reduce blood pressure and cholesterol than other known sources of fiber such as oats. "Other benefits of moderate wine consumption is increasing HDL (good cholesterol)" adds Rosa Maria Lamuela.

7. Reduces the risk of throat cancer: According to a study, drinking wine in moderation may protect against the development of cancer of the esophagus.

8. Stimulates the heart before exercise: according to Douglas McKeag, director of Sports Medicine at the University of Indiana, "is not harmful to your health if you drink some wine before exercise, in fact, stimulates the heart." Another physical benefit is the expansion of blood vessels and relaxing the muscles.

9. It helps you to stay awake: according to a study, the grapes for winemaking is rich in melatonin, a hormone that not only will espabila at night but also works as a strong antioxidant and detoxifies cells.

10. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease: European scientists have linked moderate consumption of alcohol, especially wine, to higher levels of fatty acids and Omega 3 in the blood. Such acids help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Tuesday, October 30, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Bobal wines (IV): Casa Don Angel Bobal 2009

Vera de Estenas Casa Don Angel Bobal 2009 

Wine type 
red wine aged in oak

Grape Varieties

100%  Bobal,

100% Bobal from old vines of over 80 years, productions less than 1 kg. per vine. Vintage from the second week of October. Collected in boxes of 15 Kg and directly discharged into the winery located less than 250 meters from the cellar, hopper trailer, softly squeezed and alcoholic fermentation in tanks at a temperature lower than 24 ° C., aged more than 30 months between deposit , barrels and bottle.
Tasting Notes

Wine temperature was about 17 ° C. Glass for red wine
Schott Zwisesel Pure Loop Cabernet.

Color and nuance: Dark red color with violet edges, high layer, tear quite dense and abundant bright and intense color.

In the nose and stopped glass we find ripe black fruit, after shaking the glass began to appear the aromas of the wood, vanilla and cinnamon highlighting also roasted and spiced aromas , forming a perfect warm and powerful fragrance.
Flavour of the
Of entry has a dry but intense strike, is wide in mouth and pronounced tannins but good acidity that makes it fresh at the same time mature. Passes well by mouth and is very intense and pleasant. Strong tannins that when reaching the end of mouth are accentuated hoping that to counteract protein food. Short path but with good intensity.

Overall impression
: Intense and powerful wine very pleasant to the palate but not losing the typical race Bobal variety, a recommended wine to eat, especially foods high protein concentration like red meat and game meats.

Presentation : Bottle of 75 cl. Bordeaux type, labeled very serious classical and elegant presentation.

About the cellar:

Vera de Estenas Viñedos y Bodegas
Junto carretera N-III, Km 266.
Paraje La Cabezuela. Finca Casa Don Ángel.
P.O. BOX: 20
46300 Utiel – Valencia (SPAIN) 
PHONE:+34 96 230 42 32
Monday, October 29, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Bobal wines (III): LasDosCes 2010

LasdosCes 2010

Wine type 
Young red wine aged in oak

Grape Varieties
 Bobal, Tempranillo and Syrah

Each variety is vinified separately. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of less than 25° C followed by a maceration period of two weeks for the Tempranillo and three weeks for the Syrah. The cap is punched down (turbo-pigeage) two times per day to ensure gentle extraction and the wine is racked and returned (délestage) twice during maceration at one and two thirds of the fermentation process.

The free-run wine of each variety is then aged in two and three-year old French oak barrels during five months. The blending of both varieties takes place just before bottling.

Tasting Notes

Wine temperature was about 13 ° C. Glass for red wine
Spiegelau Authentics 01.

Color and nuance:
Bright vibrant cherry red with a brilliant shiny violet rim highlighting the wine’s youth..

Predominance of red fruit. Soft toasted aromas with subtle balsamic notes.
Flavour of the
Fresh, smooth and intense. Underlined silky sensation of the Syrah and structure of Bobal.

Overall impression
: The relatively short crianza/ageing process results in a youthful, meaty and fruity wine that will match very well with blue fish or fatty fish like sardines, fresh anchovies, mackerel, trout, tuna, bonito, salmon and swordfish - fish with strong flavours complementing the structure and body of such a young wine.

: Bottle of 75 cl. Bordeaux type, artistic label.
About the cellar:
Finca Carrascal. Vereda San Antonio.
t. +34 96 341 03 95
Sunday, October 28, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Catalonia wines (I): Petit Chardonnay

Petit Chardonnay de Joanne Cox 2011

Wine type
white aged in barrel

Grape Varieties

Manual vintage and selection in the field in boxes of 15 kg with later heat treatment at -2 ° C. Later destemming and soft pressing. Static cleaning of juice during 24 hours and fermentation in French oak barrels of 300 L. Aged for 4 months in the same French oak barrels.

Tasting Notes

Wine temperature was about 11 ° C. Glass for white wine.

Color and nuance: Visually is characterized by its elegant tone. This wine is clean and clear, with a deep golden color and attractive light nuances of orange.  

Nose: Elegant and complex aromas dominated by intense aromas of white flowers on the fresh and ripe fruit notes. 

Flavour of the wine: Balanced and fresh taste. The acidity of the fruit and spices touch obtaining together harmoniously balanced and smooth on the palate, with a haul of good intensity and a long aftertaste.

Overall impression: a fresh wine with seductress aromatic intensity dominated by notes of white flowers on the nuances fresh fruits and ripe. Balanced and soft on the palate with good intensity and long finish.

Presentation : Bottle of 75 cl. burgundy type, clearly label.

About the cellar:

Celler Ronadelles
Finca la Plana s/n,
43360 Cornudella de Montsant 
Tarragona - Spain

+ 34 977821104 

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