Friday, April 24, 2009

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Perhaps a little-known appellation of origin, but their situation (surrounding the DOQ Priorat) is one of the wine areas of excellence in the interior of Catalonia. Its capital is Falset which is where the Regulatory Board, together with Capçanes, Marc, Cornudella, Siurana, ... are the populations that make up the DO of Montsant.
This area is characteristic by having clayey soils and plains, but also part of the landscape slate land, bordering on the same area, the area of Priorat DOQ. During my trip last January I also had the opportunity to visit the area and its wineries, of which I am also took their prized wines, in particular I took two wine cellars as were the DO Montsant Finca and La cova dels Fontanals Vins.
The first one I found little tune, as a wine cooperative in bulk, but with a feature to be very tannic wines first barrel, mostly American oak, which gives an over-aggressiveness to the wines, especially when we speak of Carignan and Grenache grapes. The wine from La Cova dels Vins, Terrós 04, if that surprised me, a lively and intense wine with a nose full of touches of mineral, fruit and roasted, intense on the palate, fresh, succulent and sweet tannins, which also gains after to open the bottle. Noticed the typical varieties Grenache and Carignan and Syrah and a touch that has been in raising more than a year in French oak, typical of a soft tannic and sweet.
This came at it yesterday at a dinner Saturday friends (without difficulty) along with some of Iberian pork tenderloins stuffed with plums, with a red wine sauce (DO Alicante Monastrell variety) and a garnish of fried apples, we are delighted that the evening with large doses of humor and good roll. So, folks, you know a good wine with a nice dinner with good friends and revitalizes to and makes people forget the embarrassing last week and face the next over ansi it arrives again at the weekend.

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