Monday, June 28, 2010

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In my tour of the wineries in the region Utiel-Requena, I must stress that this small winery, located on the outskirts of Requena near the N-III, I had never gone unnoticed in most specialty stores and shops delicacies of the city of Valencia, there was always a major gap in the shelves of its flagship product, Cava Brut Nature Pago de Tharsys, being peculiar to the product label is a twisted ceramic tile with an image of a woman with a big eye and a tousled hair painted in cobalt blue and subjected to the neck of the bottle with a satin ribbon black.

However, it is not fair to qualify for this winery that image, apart from the spectacular wine cellar that has in it in the mouth and was named best sparkling wine from Spain in 2005, but by the variety of products that the winery produces winemaking, product know-how of the family led by Vicente Garcia and Ana Suria, dedicated to this task of making wines and cavas from the mid-twentieth century.

The winery is located in the form of pago, surrounded by vineyards and winemaking complex is formed by the house of the nineteenth century, which has commercial installations, the bottler, the barrel room, a basement, building on the house had trulli , with desks and raising cava bottles and abroad stainless steel tanks less than 10,000 liters. There is also a much larger ship, which is where older deposits, hopper, pneumatic press and other equipment for winemaking. There is another ship that came to visit I guess it will be the warehouse of the winery produces cava and so if you visit are the stills that are used to produce distilled from pomace wine-making and sparkling wine. The complex dispose a Rural Hotel, next to a lake with bird life and can be enjoyed with a visit to the winery for a weekend.

The name Pago de Tharsys, according to the guide that accompanied us from the word "pago" in the world of wine is associated with the winery is surrounded by its own vineyards which supply grapes for wine making (for French château) and Tharsys, referring to the first civilization in the Iberian peninsula, the Tartessos, believed the current farm Requena by traces found in excavations.

As a curious comment that in the 12 acres adjacent Godello and Albariño grown varieties Atlantic difficult to grow in this area, but that his care and attention results in a wine, with their vintage night in early September with a fresh good acidity in the presence of tropical fruit aromas and a very balanced in the mouth. Cabernet Franc are also grown, variety used in the 'coupages' from other varieties such as Bobal (which is made a sparkling white, Pago de Tharsys Unico), Merlot, Chardonnay, Macabeo, among others and as a foreign variety is Bronx, with which it is a sweet and aromatic wine grapes to gain soloing sugars for fermentation.

It is certainly that was a very instructive visit, where we find a variety of products in small quantities, but of excellent quality and above all innovation in design and originality.

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